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Welcome in Alphatec Spine.

Alphatec Spine is producer of medical devices enabling to perform surgical interventions in the area of spinal surgery. The company focuses on spinal treatments coherent to aging of spine. It was established in the year 1990 and currently covers a whole line of products for spinal treatments.

Our aim is to secure the best solutions in surgical spinal treatment for patients covering all age category from youth to mature age patients. Our products are user friendly and safe both for doctors as well as patients and fulfill the highest demands of our customers.

Our mission is to improve the life quality of our customers. We achieve it by creation of safe products for our patients and workshops for our doctors.

We offer quality products which integrated with mini invasive solutions and biocompatibility form an integral part of our success.

We wish to express our gratitude towards your interest in our website. We are glad that you found some time to get acquainted about the production of Alphatec Spine used in treatments in spinal surgery.