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Alphatec Spine&Scient´x - is the biggest manufacturer of instruments and implants used in spinal treatments. Currently a whole product line of implants is available for correction and fixation of degenerative and traumatic spinal disorders or tumor caused spinal disorders.

Alphatec Spine&Scient´x - the company actively approaches physicians with the aim to improve their knowledge providing the opportunity to take part in the company´s educational center in USA (California), or to visit one of the practically lead workshops in various clinics in the European union (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Israel) and North America. The workshops are finished with issuance of certificate certifying the ability of a participant to work with an innovative product portfolio used in the spinal surgery.   

Alphatec Spine&Scient´x – is the pioneer company in production of PEEK material, who has become the golden standard used during spinal operations.

Alphatec Spine&Scient´x - Is the pioneer company in the production of semi-rigid system which could be used during spinal fixation treatments

Alphatec Spine&Scient´x - is the pioneer company in realizing of a concept of hybrid technology of cervical vertebrae
Alphatec Spine&Scient´x - Is the pioneer company in creation of functioning prosthesis of cervical disk using metal-ceramic.

Alphatec Spine&Scient´x - closely cooperates with doctors and works continuously on development of highly sophisticated implants for all parts of spine.

We are aware that only modern instruments in the hands of experienced Russian surgeons can distinctively reduce suffering of patients and will lead into brilliant results of treatment.

All products have the certificate of registration of Russian Federation. All products are also CE certified and the implant product range has FDA approval (USA).

We offer a whole product information support. Furthermore we provide an immediate instruments and implants delivery for our customers.